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Konan Technology is the leader of search/analysis solutions

Konan Technology aims for a software/data service company that finds value and enhances business outcomes.

Konan Technology provides the smartest search/analysis/recommendation software and data service based on language and multimedia analysis technology.

Konan Technology was founded in 1999 with an ambition to “perfect full text search through natural language analytics.” It gained a mission to “search and utilize multimedia contents” and has been investing on R&D for unstructured data processing ever since.

Konan has formed a product lineup to support a complete process of collection-analysis-search-management of unstructured data(text and multimedia). It gained over 1,800 references in various industrial fields: public, ICT, education, finance, and distribution.

You will probably use Konan’s software when you shop, browse news, watch TV, or work. Konan will continuously provide smarter service and find new value from your daily lives.

Through continuous R&D to portray latest IT trends, Konan Technology will be a reliable partner to growing businesses and a smart friend to users.



about KONAN

  • Company

    Konan Technology

  • Founded

    1999. 4. 17

  • CEO

    KIM Young-Sum

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  • Location

    5,6,7th Floor, 327, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-751 Rep. of KOREA

  • Products

    Crawler Solution, Analysis Solution, Search Solution, Content Management Solution, Mobile Solution

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