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History of Konan Technology

  • 2011~Now


    • 04Launch personal federated search application 'findboxS'


    • 12Excellence award from TTA Testing Certification for KONAN Search4
    • 10Relocation of Konan Technology (Gangnam Station Daeryeong Seocho Tower 5/6/7F)
    • 092nd class rating from National IT Industry Promotion Industry SP certification
    • 08Official quality certification from Ministry of Information and Communication for big data federated search solution Konan Search4
    • 03Launch text analyzer, KTA (Konan Text Analytics)
    • 01Construct Turkey Do?u? Planet shopping mall search engine


    • 06Digital Times 2012 hot seller of first half - customer satisfactory plagiarism checking solution, Memechecker
    • 05Sign MOU with Scotoss Consulting for development of online enterprise reputation management brand
    • 05Launch analysis service 'pulse-K'
    • 04MOU for Korea Social Network Association and social media industrial R&D
    • 04Digital Times brand power award: federated search solution - Memechecker
    • 02Special prize from 11th Korean SW Enterprise Competitiveness Awards


    • 10Special prize from 11th Korean SW Enterprise Competitiveness Awards
    • 07Sign MOU with Burson-Marsteller Korea for social media analysis
    • 01Launch plagiarism search service 'Memechecker Cloud'
  • 2006~2010


    • 12Host Vision Insight Forum
    • 10Construct semantic search for 11th Street Shopping mall
    • 06Digital Times 2012 hot seller of first half: customer satisfactory plagiarism checking solution - Konan Soft matching
    • 04Digital Times brand power award: federated search solution field - DOCRUZER
    • 02Launch Konan Soft matching solution
    • 02Excellence award in Korea SW Enterprise Competitive awards


    • 12Quality certification from Ministry of Information and Communication for intelligent web crawler "Konan Web Crawler"
    • 09Host search technology conference, Search Technology Summit 2009
    • 08Softmatching business contract for job searches in Korea Employment Information Service
    • 08Digital Times hot IT seller of first half: search solution field marketing award
    • 07Select DOCRUZER as Konan Web Crawler administration software
    • 06'Korean search engine construction project' contract for Korean Intellectual Property Office
    • 04Launch intelligent automatic document clustering solution, KAC 2.0
    • 02Launch copy answer verification solution, DOCRUZER e-LEARNING
    • 02Provide next generation search engine (image, semantic, etc.) to New Nate
    • 011st place in enterprise search solution market with yearly sale of 133 hundred million won
    • 01Provide desktop search technology to INFOSEC for development of personal information protection


    • 11Host Search Solution Partners Day Fall 2008
    • 05Host Search Solution Partners Day Spring 2008
    • 03Support expansion of KTF wire-wireless portal
    • 03SK 11th Street and SK Commerce Planet open
    • 03Release "Konan Web Crawler v.2.0"


    • 12Grand prize for customer satisfactory enterprise in "Digital Media Festival 2007" hosted by Korea Digital Agency Industrial Association
    • 10Host Partner's Day 2007 for search industry partners
    • 08Launch duplicated video search management product
    • 07Open video search service (SKT)-I
    • 03Start federated search service for Nate and Cyworld
    • 02Release official version of "Konan Share Server Search"
    • 01Relocation of Konan Technology (Gangnam Station Mirim Tower)


    • 11Receive investments from SK Communications and Empas (29.5%)
    • 11Official quality certification from Ministry of Information and Communication for mass federated search solution "DOCRUZER v.3.1" (GS Certified)
    • 10Establish 'UCC and new generation search service business alliance' with SK Communications, Empas
    • 07Acquire US patent for color image processing method of image processing system
    • 04Establish partnership with US ScheduAll (broadcast production and operation management solution company)
    • 02Selected as technology innovation "2006 Inno-Biz Company" by Small and Medium Enterprises
    • 01Receive GS certification for personal desktop search solution "Konan Desktop Search v.2.x"
  • 1999~2005


    • 12Launch personal desktop search solution "Konan Desktop Search v.2.0"
    • 11Establish partnership with US Exanet (NAS Company)
    • 10Establish European branch of Konan Digital inc. in London, England
    • 07"Small and Medium SW Enterprise Supporting Business of Usability Improvement," supervised by KIPA (Konan Desktop Search UI Consulting)
    • 06Join AAF(Advanced Authoring Format) Association as an Associate Member
    • 05Launch Konan mass federated search engine, DOCRUZER 3.x
    • 04Establish NDA with Hong Kong's SI company, Ideal Systems
    • 03Receive management award from 4th SW Enterprise Competitive Awards
    • 02Establish overseas branch, Konan Digital Inc. (Glendale, California, USA)


    • 10Start Chinese-Korean cross search service (http://china.empas.com)
    • 10Establish strategic alliance with Terracetech Inc. (Korean mass email and spam mail blocking solution company)
    • 07World-Class Korean Product Company by Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy
    • 06Strategic alliance with Spectra Inc. (Korean eCRM company)
    • 05Partnership with Software Generation Ltd. (UK Archive management software development company)
    • 04Partnership with IPV Limited(UK video browsing software development company)
    • 04Strategic alliance with Front Porch Digital (US digital media workflow development company, currently Incentra Solution Inc.)
    • 03Establish SBS digital news system based on KONAN DigitalArc
    • 03Partnership with Ligos Corporation(US MPEG1 encoder development company)


    • 06Start Chinese-Korean automatic translation service (http://china.empas.com)
    • 06Launch enterprise version of mass federated search engine "Konan DOCRUZER 2.x"
    • 05Launch mass federated search engine "Konan DOCRUZER 2.x"
    • 02Build KONAN DigitalArc archive center in KBI(Korean Broadcasting Institute)


    • 12Acquire domestic patent for MPEG7-based image search technology
    • 11Establish MAM and search engine distributorship with Systex (Taiwan's largest SI company)


    • 08Select Konan image search technology as MPEG7 international standard
    • 06Develop Empas XP search engine
    • 03Launch Chinese-Korean, Japanese-Korean automatic translation solution
    • 03Launch Multimedia Information Retrieval System


    • 12Strategic alliance with www.empas.com
    • 09Launch VoiceXML


    • 12Launch Text Search/CJK, TopicFinder, ImageFinder
    • 04Founded Konan Technology Inc.