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Konan People

Introducing our people who make future for Konan Technology

KIM Young-Sum, CEO

"Software are human-made, so humans enhance competitiveness!"

I would first like to thank you for visiting our website.
Konan Technology is a software development company that has various technological skills including big data collection-search-analysis, multimedia management and archiving, based on natural language process.
Ever since Konan was founded, we have worked with the mindset that 'people enhance competitiveness of software companies' and always had human-centered values. We wish to satisfy our customers with good technology, made by good people. Konan will always strive to create a valuable IT world where people and technology coexist.
Thank you.

YANG Seung-Hyun / CTO

Konan strives for 'well-made' products. We are loyal to the principle that products should be minimal, simple, and loyal to its core functions. We hope that as a result of our efforts, our products would be remembered as efficient and easy services. Furthermore, we hope our products would serve as a tool to continuously benefit and develop people.

SONG Young-Chang / CFO

This is CFO SONG Young-Chang.
Thank you for visiting our website.
We will try our best to make a company that grows hand in hand with customers.

YOON Deok-Ho / CTO, FindboxS Business

It has already been over 30 years since I first worked as a software programmer.
10 years have passed since I devoted myself in software development in Konan. I am hoping to spend the following 10 years as a programmer who cares for the good of the world.


  • AHN Chun-Geun

    Media Service2 Team

    My motto is to have a challenge spirit, and I always try to live youthfully. I think about the direction in which our company should develop in broadcast media business, and furthermore, how to lead to enjoyable work life.

  • MUN, Sun-Hong

    Big Data TF

    Do well At. All. Times.
    Everyone does Well, Together, in Konan.

  • PARK, Jung-Sun

    FindboxS Business

    I am a developer who wishes to spread our application throughout the world. My current goal is to make findboxS, the aggregate technological product of Konan, spread across the world, and ultimately to launch a product that integrates with MAM technology. My personal desire is that all my loved ones would be healthy and happy.

  • Oh, Chang-Min

    Product Development Group

    "Within the small sphere of our life, we can stare into the past, but only our future is within our control." - Numb3rs

  • PARK, Man-Soo

    NowNow Service Team

    I take part in R&D with the hope that my development techniques would benefit all people. I also hope that the technique would create new value.

  • LIM, Young-Kyung

    Design Team

    I am in charge of GUI design. I wish to provide users best experience through simple but detailed interface. I also want to be a good support to my teammates.

  • LEE, Hyung-Joo

    Quality Assurance Team

    I am in charge of service enhancement related to software development process including SPICE, SMMI, and Software Process. I have been paying greater attention to applying SCRUM, XP under concern of agility. I also emphasize on increasing development and test efficiency through CI.

  • YU, Jin-Hee

    Language Resource Team

    I am in charge of data dictionary, and I take much pride in that it is the central force of natural language processing. I work with the mind to live a 'physically and mentally healthy life.'

  • LEE, Young-Min


    I am an IT-er who likes IT project, searching, and computer like no other. I take part in the project that communicates with customers regarding Konan's products, and I my goal is to satisfy all customers. Would you like to join us? ^^~~

  • KIM, Jin-Hyun

    Technology Service Team

    Hello! I am in charge of search service project, and I have DAP. My goal is to enhance customer satisfaction (including profits ^^) through high-quality data.

  • HONG, Sun-Chul

    Management Support Team

    Konan is a 'human being.' The value that Konan has always been loyal to for the last 10+ years, 'human.'