Introducing Konan's Welfare

코난 복지제도

Welfare Card for all Employees

  • Optional welfare system for fair benefits and for autonomous choice of individuals
  • Over 1.1million won per year, in the form of graded payment depending on position and years of service.

Benefit for Long-Term Employees

  • Monetary compensation and vacation
  • 5 years: 2million won + 3day vacation
  • 10 years: 3million won + 7day vacation
  • 15 years: 4million won + 7day vacation

Congratulations and Condolences

  • Condolence vacation, condolence benefit, flowers

Gift Cards

  • Gift cards provided on holidays and birthdays

Educational Training

  • Support on/offline educational training and book purchases for competence of employees

Rest Zones

  • Employee rest zone to increase work efficiency
  • Operate cafeteria and men’s/women’s lounge

Health Management

  • Comprehensive medical examination for all employees
  • Joined group accident insurance


  • Support cost of leisure activities for employees’ leisure life satisfaction