Konan Technology looks for people who share the same vision

Konan Technology processes both public and regular recruitment. Public recruitment is held every year to recruit both veterans and newcomers. Regular recruitment is held by each division.

Recruitment Process

코난 채용절차

  • Apply onlineCheck whether the candidate is fit for the job and verify the validity of the resume
  • Interview and Skill assessmentSkill interview supervised by team leaders (common evaluation items: capability, potential, EQ, logical skills / development team: coding)
  • Final InterviewCharacter and skill interview supervised by director of each division (character, qualification, capability, comprehensive evolution)
  • Negotiation and OfferConsultation of salary and benefits with HR
  • Signing of ContractSigning of Contract

Qualification for Application

Bachelor’s degree in related field (M.A. preferred)


1 Copy of Job Application Letter (including Resume)
  • Newcomers should download and fill out given job application template.
  • Veterans may submit their own template if they already have job applications, and additional development(experience) portfolios and resumes may be submitted, as well.


Application Method

  • Email application
  • Email subject title: Recruit_spec1_”name” (ex. Recruit_spec1_HONGGildong)

Application period and Announcement

  • Application period: check application period of each job opening
  • Announcement: Document results will be contacted individually via phone or email