Frequently asked questions about Konan's products and services

  • Q KONAN Search 4 What is KONAN Search 4?

    KONAN Search 4 is a search engine developed by Konan.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 How is KONAN Search 4 composed?

    KONAN Search 4 is composed of Storage system to manage stored data, Index system to analyze various languages and image data, Crawler to bring in data from outside sources such as DBMS, Web, and file system, Retrieval system to analyze user questions and find out accurate data, Knowledge management system to provide synonyms, similar words, summary, analysis and recommendation.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 What are the main features of KONAN Search 4architecture?

    It is designed with multi-thread architecture in order to maximize server resource usability, leading to higher performance and higher speed response time than other search engines. It supports large volume storage and efficient retrieval model. It’s module based architecture enables for flexibility in functions.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 How does KONAN Search 4 differentiate from other search engines?
    KONAN Search 4 is a large volume, super speed and high quality search solution empowered by the highly efficient language parsing technology and the large volume data storage technology. It has proved its out-standing performance through one of the major search portal sites ( in Korea.


    It is the only next generation search solution providing both cross language (Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English) search and automatic machine Translator service.

    It is the next generation multimedia search solution using dedicated multimedia DBMS to support unrestricted multimedia data search regardless of the data types (text or image).

    Optimal customization is always possible because each module is compactly designed to achieve its best performance under various environments.

    Konan products are far ahead of the others in every field such as speed, performance, quality, economy and extensibility. Konan has a lot of experience with these strong points that directly lead to customer satisfaction and convenience.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 How does KONAN Search 4 work with existing database?

    KONAN Search 4 has DB Crawler and Watcher to integrate with existing database. DB Crawler imports the records of existing database and Watcher monitors the changes of database to update the search engine with the changes on a realtime basis. Konan currently supports Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, SYBASE and INFORMIX.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 What is natural language search function and how does it work?

    The natural language search is a technology, that makes the search engine take on the burden of information search from a user. The natural language search analyzes a user's natural query and transforms it into conditional formula to retrieve the best result. Most users are not familiar with complex search formula and want to make questions with their usual language. KONAN Search 4 provides the natural language search function based on superb language process technology.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 What is synonym thesaurus search function?

    KONAN Search 4 studies the relationship between words from several corpuses and then recommends words that the users may have not considered using. The users can search again using the recommended words list.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 Can KONAN Search 4 search with typos? How does it search with typos?

    As typos have usual patterns, Konan has prepared a typical typos list using words frequently entered wrong to correct the typos automatically and proceed with retrieving the search results.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 How is the order of search results decided?

    Based on user questions, KONAN Search 4 decides the display order considering various criteria such as frequency, similarity and amount of in-formation among words. The users can choose options to apply their own criteria and to arrange the search results as they prefer.

  • Q KONAN Search 4 What area can KONAN Search 4 be set up in?
    – On-line search portals
    – Documents search for enterprise Intranet such as EIP, KM, EDMS, and CMS
    – Full-text based book search for electronic library
    – Realtime news search and Translator
    – Catalogue search for e-traders
    – Image search for photo gallery
    – MP3, DVD, Image title/caption search
    – Applicable to other various fields