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Konan Analytics 4

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Get insight with KONAN Text Analytics

Konan Text Analytics is an analytics technology that extracts meaningful information from unstructured text and provides insight to users.
Text analytics is a core technology element in big data era that understands and helps decision-making of customers

KONAN Text Analytics 개요


Fast Analysis in Time Units
  • Quick comparison analysis using daily ranking and change patterns
  • Support realtime issue tracking by analyzing ten thousand new data in less than 5 sec

Provision of Brief Reports
  • Visually portray combined result of appearance frequency, pattern, and relation of issue words
  • Provide dashboard for convenient daily monitoring
  • Simple design and easy usability

Easy Interconnection
  • Collect data from various sources through KONAN Connector
  • Support interconnected API to combine and utilize KONAN Text Analytics with structured data analytics : VOC, CRM, BI, etc.
  • Interconnect with federated search service to provide ‘realtime issue’, ‘today’s issue’ and ‘related info’


KONAN Text Analytics 아키텍처

Expected Effects

  • Create new value through analysis/utilization of unstructured data
  • Realtime responses to external environment changes using realtime analysis

KONAN Text Analytics 기대효과


Seoul Dasan Call Center,
Analysis of Civic Counseling

Dasan Call Center utilizes ‘Konan Text Analytics’ to analyze average of 35,000 calls and texts to understand daily / weekly / monthly / yearly major civil complaints, change patterns, and related issues

  • Needs
    • Understand major complaints to effectively deal with mass complaints
    • Provide appropriate public service by predicting periodically repeated complaints
    • Quickly respond to particular complaint issues by understanding the overall state
  • Solution
    • Provide issue score by analyzing complaint and counseling contents
    • Provide major complaint rankings and change patterns daily/weekly/monthly/yearly
    • Provide chart for easy understanding of change patterns in major issues and related issues
  • Effect
    • Improved satisfaction of civil administration service
    • Improved effectiveness of civil administration

Case Study