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Konan Analytics 4 spark

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Create the business value from big data

Essential skills for the big data era, Konan Technology Big Data Analysis Solution

With Konan Big Data Analysis Solution, users can analyze internal unstructured data and find the relation with the core contents. Through automatic crawler feature, users can analyze customer-related issues or public opinions, trends and needs, improving business abilities and discovering new business opportunities.
With over 10 years of experience, Konan Technology’s Big Data Analysis Solution holds language analysis experience, technology, and system stability.


KONAN 빅데이터 분석솔루션 개요




Fast: Fast Big Data Crawler
  • Quickly collect various forms of external data : SNS, blog, web document
  • Quickly collect company’s internal system data (with Konan Connector)


Smart: Smart Text Analytics
  • Categorize text data automatically
  • Analyze core issues and related issues by extracting keywords from text data
  • Analyze sentiment data of a particular issue



Scalable: Stable Big Data Platform
  • High-speed processing for tens of millions of data from a single server
  • Combine/manage terabytes of big data for stable operation
  • Provide flexible support for various customer environment


Visual: Visualization of analytics
  • Implement visual analytics using variety of charts
  • Provide web support to customers, enhancing adaptation and convenience
  • Provide analytics via open API



KONAN 빅데이터 분석솔루션 빅데이터 분석 절차

Expected Effects

  • Extract/analyze meaningful information from big data
  • Early discovery of risk point through associated analysis of public opinions and social issues on social media
  • Understand and predict business trends to create new business opportunities

KONAN 빅데이터 분석솔루션 기대효과