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Konan Log Analytics

Konan Products Enhance Customers' Business Competitiveness for the Future

To understand the user, analyze search logs!

A vital solution for operation of search services

Konan Log Analytics provides search log results by distinguishing overall trend, popular search terms, search patterns and trend, so that the site manager can easily interpret the results.
By understanding large scale analysis from various perspectives depending on customer needs, Log Analytics is appropriate for understanding search pattern statistics, product analysis, site operation strategy, customer analysis and marketing strategy for the site.

KONANLog Analytics 개요


Variety of Detail Analysis Reports
  • Provide search result for popular search words, recommended words, and auto-completion words
  • Additional statistic resources for easy analysis of change in search word rankings and number of searches
  • Provide search statistics by gender, age, and user

Convenient UX Appropriate for Operating Environment
  • Provide dashboard for current state of search statistics
  • Continuous tracing of a search word through favorite keyword settings
  • Intuitive statistics through charts and tables

Support Various Statistics of Search Results
  • High accuracy in search word analysis without restrictions on capital/small letters and spacing
  • Support multiple languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.)

System Architecture for Big Data Processing
  • Flexible structure for addition of new equipments
  • Preservation of data in case of hard disk damage
  • Quick analytics of large scale files through distributed processing system


KONAN Log Analytics 아키텍처

Expected Effects

  • Establish service improvement plan
  • Analyze operation results and establish site operation strategy
  • Analyze customer data and establish marketing strategy

KONAN Log Analytics 기대효과


No.1 Flexible Benefit Company, ‘A’
Federated search for benefit mall

‘A’ uses Konan Log Analytics to analyze users’ search patterns and apply the results on the service

  • Needs
    • Re-displaying of products through analysis of seasonal search keyword trend
    • Analysis of popular search keyword by device type (Web, Mobile) and category
    • Marketing strategy based on search word analysis by client company, user age and gender
  • Solution
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly analysis of search logs
    • Search pattern analysis for main keyword of interest
  • Effect
    • Sharp rise in online sales through strategy establishment of seasonal recommendation products

Case Study