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Realtime Social Monitoring & Analysis Service, pulse-K

Pulse-K is a text mining-based social media listening platform that monitors and analyzes realtime customer opinions spreading on SNS based on different criteria. With nation’s highest level text mining technology and self-developed social reputation/influence analysis index, it provides advanced social analysis methodology.


Provide Social Score
  • Provide ‘social score’ by measuring brand (favorite keyword) awareness and sentiment
  • Use as brand power management index to establish marketing strategy
  • Manage and monitor company brand reputation on daily basis

High-Quality Text Analytics Technology-Based Service
  • Extract issues using text mining technology, assess positivity-negativity, extract influencer
  • High-quality text analytics based on morphological entry approximately 5x more than competitors

Various Analysis Experiences and Know-Hows
  • Analysis experience in various fields : brand reputation, public opinion, issue monitoring, etc.
  • Analysis experience in various industries : ICT, distribution, manufacturing, finance, and public
  • Natural language process technique and language resource based on over 10 yrs of experience

Provide Custom API
  • Provide analysis data API for customer development fit for each business characteristics
  • Provide various API, including social score, reference stats, sentiment analysis, and issue word analysis


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Expected Effects

  • Compare social reputation of the company with competing companies
  • Trace change in social awareness and desirability → compute marketing campaign outcome
  • Use realtime monitoring technology to send SMS and e-mail alerts to the staff under set conditions → quick crisis response

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Financial Supervisory Service,Social Media Analysis Service

  • Needs
    • Realtime social media monitoring on important keywords
    • Find conversations in different channels and positive, negative issues related to Financial Supervisory Service
  • Solution
    • Realtime monitoring through pulse-K Pro service
    • Weekly reports that include core issue summary, amount of mentions by channels such as
      Twitter and blog, and positivity-negativity chart
  • Effect
    • Convenient crisis response and maneuver through realtime monitoring
    • Easy understanding and report of issues through intuitive weekly social media monitoring report

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