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Innovative Digital Broadcasting!

File-based broadcasting production and transmission environment is becoming big in terrestrial, CABLE, PP, SO, in-house broadcasting. As file-based broadcasting environment is constructed, the need for easy search, video playback, and sharing is increasing. CMS manages digital assets so that acquisition, content processing, and distribution are managed organically.

Konan DigitalArc specializes in news production, program production, and contents archive. It is based on know-hows of distinguished site constructions, including KBS and SBS. It maximizes content utilization not only by using single CMS, but also by interconnecting and centralizing disparate CMS.


Various Content Browsing Tool
  • Content browsing tool tailored to various environments, such as CS, Web, and Mobile
  • Federated/scene/character/attachment text search interconnected with the search engine
  • Convenient scene search and application through storyboard consisting of proxy video playback, segment, and shot

Centralized content lifecycle management
  • Fully file-based workflow and centralized content management for newsroom and productions dealing with media assets, such as audio, video, pictures and film.
  • Integration with customer environments including cameras, video servers, NLE, archive systems, and more
  • Access control to contents interconnected with directory service

Quick and Easy Customization
  • Configuration and orchestration of customer workflow
  • Open Architecture oriented
  • Provide standards and user-configurable data models

Easy and Intuitive Administration Tool
  • Realtime system monitoring
  • Realtime workflow monitoring
  • User and group management interconnected with directory service


KONAN  KONAN DigitalArc 아키텍처

Expected Effects

  • Content Recyclability Maximization
  • Construct digital broadcast
  • Reduce costs through automation

KONAN  KONAN DigitalArc 기대효과


SBS, Converged Archive

SBS opened Centralized Archive System in 2013, interconnecting all CMS

  • Needs
    • ‘Contents hub’ that centralizes contents from various broadcasting systems
    • Standardization of contents for many affiliates
    • Support for easy federated search and application of contents among affiliates
  • Solution
    • Establish standard proposal for SBS group company’s meta data and system interconnection interface
    • Construct exchange standardized interface for each CMS
    • Construct federated CMS using standardized interface
  • Effect
    • Enhanced content application through TV broadcast, VOD, etc.
    • Production of high-quality contents using rich content sources

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