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Konan MediaArc

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Efficient Multimedia Contents Management

Konan MediaArc is a simple appliance-type MCMS(Multimedia Contents Management System) solution appropriate for companies that service or manage small and medium broadcasting system and production, or wide-use multimedia files.

It enhances editing/service and preservation efficiency through centralized management, archiving and network sharing of SD/HD video and image contents. Moreover, by using enclosure server, based on Intel multiplex technology containing server and storage module, as its hardware, MediaArc assures strong performance through prior quality control.


  • Robust transcoder for Proxy creation
  • Cataloger for video indexing
  • Adopt the Standard Java Contents repository API, JSR 170/283
  • User Access control by group Policy
  • Ready for immediate use
  • Search engine embedded
  • Provide Open API for legacy system interconnection

  • All-in-One solution of server/storage/network
  • Remote management available through virtual KVM
  • Quality assurance before delivery
  • Dual internal modules for non-stop service
  • Include expandable storage such as iSCSI/NAS


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Expected Effects

  • Centralized Contents Management
  • Enhanced efficiency and workflow

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