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Find the file you need, from your devices, in 1 second!

KonanLink is a search service that helps you find any of your resources scattered among various devices, including PC, laptop, smartphone, cloud and internet service in just one click. You can search your file or Outlook mail title, as well as the content itself. You can also search for the title of photos, music and videos, saved in your devices.


After work, What do you do when your boss asks you to forward an Outlook mail from your office PC? KonanLink can search files in office PC or Outlook mails from smartphones.


Search all devices
  • With just one search, you can find all your files in your computer, Android phone, Google Drive, Dropbox.

Search all files
  • You can search all your resources, including file, Outlook mail, photo, music and video, scattered among various places. This not only includes contents in document files, but also includes Outlook mail titles, contents, and even attachments.

Easy Sharing
  • It takes just a few minutes to find resources using KonanLink, even when you are out of office or on a business trip.

Security Assured
  • KonanLink creates and stores index files on your computer, so it does not store your data on the server. When you use KonanLink, there is no need to worry about privacy or security of your files.




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