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Plagiarism Checking System for Education
and Admission Management

Konan Meme Checker provides the best education and admission management solution

Konan Meme Checker is a plagiarism checking system that automatically detects plagiarism of documents. ‘Fingerprint’ and ‘keyword appearance pattern analysis’ method enable fast and accurate detection of plagiarism



High-Accuracy Plagiarism Check Results
  • Through integrated usage of ‘keyword appearance pattern analysis’ and ‘fingerprint’ method that accurately compute plagiarism rate of documents based on identical keywords in the documents, it assures high accuracy in plagiarism checking.

Fast Plagiarism Checking for Large Scale Documents
  • After quickly filtering out plagiarism candidate list, it compares and analyzes other documents that have identical keyword appearance patterns based on my keywords, providing fast search speed in large scale data.

Convenient Functions for Users
  • View plagiarism rate of submitted documents in list forms and easily compare the documents in detail. Check monitoring manager for relevant server and engine operation or view plagiarism rate stats.


KONAN MemeChecker 아키텍처

Expected Effects

  • Automatic plagiarism check → lower assessment management costs
  • Arouse caution for illegality of plagiarism
  • Enhance reputation and reliability of education management system

KONAN MemeChecker 기대효과


Yonsei University
Report plagiarism check

Yonsei University uses Konan Meme Checker to construct a plagiarism check system interconnected to academic affairs for efficient assignment assessment and plagiarism prevention

  • Needs
    • Prevent plagiarism and settle upright education culture
    • Prevent indiscrete usage of quotations without revealing the source in assignments
    • Arrange an efficient report assessment and management system
  • Solution
    • Compute accurate plagiarism rate in % through replica
    • Provide detailed comparison and statistical analysis of each report on plagiarized sections
    • Construct system to efficiently show results to professors
  • Effect
    • Efficient assessment by reducing time for professors to assess the assignments
    • Intuitive understanding of plagiarism rate through graphs and stat pages

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