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Konan Search 4

Konan Products Enhance Customers' Business Competitiveness for the Future

Search is the Engine of fast-growing Business

Following business growth, traffic and contents on websites and intranets increase, as well. With large scale data federated search engine, it is much easier to find contents (product/information) that ‘website visitors(customers)’ and ‘intranet users(employees)’ want. ‘Konan Search4′ is a partner to success for fast increasing businesses.

For customers who want crawler and integrated analysis of internal/external big data, a faster and smarter search solution is crucial. ‘Konan Search4′ is a premium solution to meet these needs.


Fast Search
  • High-speed indexing of 50 million web pages in a few hours using a single server
  • Fast response speed of approximately 0.x seconds for users’ search query
  • Guaranteed search speed with cache technology exclusive for large scale data searches

Smart Search
  • High-quality search based on self-developed Korean morphological analyzer
  • Ranking algorithm that takes each site’s characteristic into account
  • Provide search results appropriate for users’ needs through category ranking

Variety of Search Functions
  • Auto-completion, error correction, initial consonant search, theme search, synonym expansion search
  • Federated search, re-browsing within results, glossary anchoring, and attachment text search
  • Semantic search, multimedia search, and multi-language search

Convenient Web-Based Manager
  • Realtime monitoring on dashboard
  • Easy dictionary management that processes in realtime
  • Convenient multi-server administration


KONAN Search4 아키텍처

Expected Effects

  • Federated analysis/search of various data → Better Decision
  • Realtime analysis/search of fast-growing data → realtime response to external changes
  • Create value through analysis/application of semi structured data

KONAN Search4 기대효과


CJ Hello Vision,
Smart recommendation/search of HelloTV

HelloTV launched a contents recommendation service in November, 2013. It analyzes individual viewing history and synopsis to recommend related contents.

  • Needs
    • Smart recommendation service appropriate for each user’s personal preference
    • Higher convenience for viewers who use TV remote inconvenient for typing search words
  • Solution
    • Recommend relevant contents to users through viewing pattern and VOD synopsis analysis
    • Support smart search functions including initial consonant search, auto-completion, popular search words, related search words, etc.
  • Applied Products
    • Konan Search 4
    • Konan Text Analytics
    • Konan Log Analytics
  • Effect
    • Change in VOD usage patterns, mainly focused on new releases
    • Sale increase of various VOD in long-tail
    • Enhanced brand power through enhanced service competitiveness

Case Study

Over 1,800 references

Contain reference and Domain Knowledge of various industrial fields, including public, ICT, education, finance, shopping, and manufacture